Hi pals, America’s Got Talent just got more interesting, now you can cast a vote for your favorite participant online using the America’s Got Talent voting App for Android. Now voting has been made very simple, credit to the AGT app. Getting the app is one thing and after that is the question, how can I vote with the America’s Got Talent voting App? So, I say it’s easy and on this page I shall help walk you through the process.

About The America’s Got Talent Voting App

America's Got Talent Voting App For Android


The AGT official App allows viewers of the favorite show to Play Along, Vote, and Save while watching the show from home, office or just anywhere. The AGT app is available on the Google Play Store for download and the app is free.

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Features of The America’s Got Talent Voting App For Android

  • The App allows you to vote for your best performers during live voting.
  • With the AGT App, you can join conversation by sharing your favorite acts on Facebook and Twitter.
  • The App allows users to play along with the show by using your green, red and golden buzzers during the each episode.
  • Save your favorite acts on result nights.
  • Send a tweet to the judges using the app.
  • Sound off on your buzzers at your favorite moment, even when the show is not on.
  • America’s Got Talent Voting App For Android & iOS devices is available for download.

How To Vote America’s Got Talent Online

Each email address or Facebook account is permitted to vote for a number of 10 times for per act from the NBC website link.

Also you can use the Google’s widget to cast your vote and that’s very easy. All you need to do is search for “AGT” on Google search engine, then login to your account, and complete your voting with the Google vote widget. Remember you are permitted to vote just 10 times per act. Same voting power of 10 times is applicable to the America’s Got Talent voting app for Android

How To Vote Using A toll-Free Number

This is really seen as the traditional voting system of the America’s Got Talent show. Once you are watching, you will see a toll-free number notification during the show, then you can call in to cast your vote. Your allowed to vote 10 times per act for every voting episode.


Stay active on your favorite show and keep your favorite performers alive on the show, install the America’s Got Talent Voting app for Android and start casting your votes. It is very easy to do, also save your favorite acts on result nights and more.

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