AT&T brings free HBO to Unlimited Choice wireless plan – Coming from the AT&T newsroom, it has been officially confirmed that free HBO has been added to all customers on its unlimited wireless plan. This is means that Unlimited Choice will have access to free HBO as was only possible with the Unlimited Plus.

The aim of this move is found in the misssion of AT&T, which is to ensure easy access to premium entertainment. Now that the both plans have free HBO.

Meanwhile, the service only came to AT&T’s Unlimited Plus customers in April and since then, it has been really enjoyed by the customers. This is the reason for bringing same free HBO service to Unlimited Choice.

“HBO is included in these plans whether you have one line or even 10 lines, and the price stays the same,” Vince Torres, senior VP of AT&T Entertainment Group, wrote in a blog post announcing the new offer. from the announcement, Free HBO will be included for new AT&T Unlimited Choice customers from Friday, Sept.15.

What the new pack means is that AT&T Unlimited Choice customers, will be free HBO, unlimited data,text, talk just for $60 per month. As AT&T brings free HBO to Unlimited Choice wireless plan, it would really mean competition with its rivals.


There are lots of entertaining series on HBO and you can easily watch it, only if you know how to do that. You can take our HBO Viewing Guide to see what you can do for yourself.

Meanwhile, if you’re currently access HBO via AT&T video service like, DIRECTV, U-verse TV, etc, then you will be getting HBO for free.

If you are onto AT&T video service wireless plan, then HBO will be added for you as part for your subscription.

However, using HBO Go apps, you can also watch the latest series on HBO for free.

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