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I don’t know about you but am a fan of the Netflix original series “Narcos”. Most of the world have really been waiting for a story line revealing the deals and life of Pablo Escobar. Here, Netflix gives us the very true-life story of the Colombian drug lord.

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Narcos Season 1 Plot

The first season of this movie series, Narcos reveals the criminal activities of the to be influential drug lord Pablo Escobar. Started with theft and fraud in at an early stage of his life. He went on to racketeering, armed raids and kidnapping. The first season reveals when the drug lord formed a powerful cartel, he wished to make it the most powerful gang all over the world, as it spread across the whole of Europe and wider.He smuggled hard drugs to different countries all over the world. This season is centered on the whole life and plan of Pablo. It reveals his intentions to take over the world as the most dangerous man. Let’s see how it will all start and end. For Narcos Season 1 Free Download, you will have to follow the best sites as will be provided here.

Narcos Main Cast Season 1

Narcos Season 1 Free Download, it would be necessary that get to know some of the names you will be having in the movie series and there are:

  1. Wagner Moura                                                       – Pablo Escobar
  2. Boyd Holbrook                                                        – Steve Murphy
  3. Pedro Pascal                                                           – Javier Peña
  4. Joanna Christie                                                       – Connie Murphy
  5. Juan Pablo Raba                                                     – Gustavo Gaviria Martinez
  6. Diego Cataño                                                          – Juan Diego
  7. Jorge A. Jimenez                                                      – Roberto “Poison” Ramos
  8. Paulina Gaitán                                                         – Tata Escobar
  9. Paulina García                                                          – Hermilda Gaviria
  10. Stephanie Sigman                                                     – Valeria Vélez
  11. Bruno Bichir                                                              – Fernando Duque
  12. Raúl Méndez                                                             – César Gaviria
  13. Manolo Cardona                                                       – Eduardo Sandoval
  14. Cristina Umana                                                         – Judy Moncada
  15. Alberto Ammann                                                       – Hélmer “Pacho” Herrera

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